I'm Karen

I live in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. I’m a mum to 3 grown boys and a wife to my amazing husband Bill. Ever since I was young I have been passionate about making and creating. A great day is spent in the shed crafting or decorating my new creations into a display in my home. My style is eclectic; I tend to craft the same way. One day I might be making a fabric snowman and the next I might paint a floral canvas.

I believe crafting should be fun and make you happy. I have definitely learned not to take it too seriously or overthink it. I absolutely love fairy lights in my house and I’m obsessed with trees. So, my passion for Christmas is completely natural, right? Some have described my Christmas display as ‘extensive’ and slightly ‘over the top’ and to be honest, I completely agree. If you would like to take a peek at my displays from previous years have a look at the gallery. What are my aspirations? To motivate and inspire others with their creative process and to encourage an environment where people can take comfort in a compatible community.

Happy crafting!